6 Key Steps To Create a Conscious Skincare Routine


6 Key Steps To Create a Conscious Skincare Routine

— Kat guides us through a simple guide toward making small swaps for big impact.


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Kat Guerrero
Noéma contributor


A sustainable, earth-friendly, and conscious skincare routine sounds undeniably alluring. However, the reality is that making a dramatic transition towards a conscious skincare routine can be frustrating, expensive, and a burden - especially if you don’t know where to start.

We get it. There is so much information (we proudly plead guilty), new companies, and marketing targeted towards this new wave of skincare. Out of left field, it seems like everyone is starting to sell products like bamboo toothbrushes, jade rollers, and products formulated with natural ingredients. Which is wonderful.

Conscious and curated skincare routines are en vogue. And we’re just trying to keep up. And our advice to you dear reader?

Slow down to keep up.

Think of this as your cheatsheet to transitioning to a more conscious skincare routine. With a few small and impactful swaps, you’ll be on your way towards paring down routine and being a little friendlier to mama earth.

Image via  @ _marieyat_

Image via @ _marieyat_

  1. Set your intentions

Loving that fiery passion for transitioning your lifestyle. But to reiterate our previous point, slow down. Figure out a financially and logistically viable plan to swap to a conscious skincare routine. Whether that’s by starting to make your own products, using less water, or investing in high-quality products, out best advice is to start small and create habits that become like second nature.

When you’re ready to continue on your path to become a sustainable goddess, you’ll be a pro.

2. Don’t throw anything out

You know what’s not sustainable? Throwing everything you own, unused, in the trash. Before going gung-ho on new products, either finish your current arsenal or phone a friend. You can’t preach a conscious lifestyle when you’re chucking perfectly usable products away. If you’re set on getting rid of your product, you can donate unopened goodies to a local charity shop or organisations like the Beauty Bank.

3. Ask questions

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Educate yourself on what products work for you, why a conscious skincare routine is positive, and the little secrets that the skincare industry doesn’t want you to know.

Here’s our reading list. See you on the other side:

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4. Turn off the tap

Australia has been flirting with droughts for the past few years. Yet, reportedly Australians use an average of 340 litres per person, per day. So, turn off the tap if you’re not using it. Small swap. Big impact.

5. Shop Smart

Embrace a scrappy life. Use a washcloth instead of cotton earbuds. Transition to package free shampoos and deodorants (the Package Free and Lush shop excels at these). Scours stores for bamboo toothbrushes. Ditch perfumes and start using essential oil to smell good.

Once you’re ready to start investing in conscious products, approach shopping with a secret weapon - the Think Dirty app. This fantastic resource is ever-evolving and ranks products on a scale of 1-10 considering their sourcing, practices, and ingredients.

6. Devote yourself to the DIY

Skincare — meet baking soda. Your new go-to for natural and convenient products. We’re big believers in not only using conscious products, but taking things into your own hands and making your own product. From deodorant, to teeth whitening, to simple exfoliating masks, ingredients like baking soda hold their own in the bathroom.

Delve into the world of DIY skin-care with favourites like Hello Glow  and Mindful Mama.



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