Blue Tansy: The powerhouse anti-inflammatory ingredient


Blue Tansy: The Powerhouse Anti-Inflammatory Ingredient

— Discover Blue tansy as your go-to ingredient in fighting any skin condition.



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It’s no wonder Blue tansy is a miracle ingredient for so many people. This little flower is native to Morocco, and commonly referred to as Moroccan chamomile, as it comes from this family of plants and also shares many of the properties. Its original flower state is bright yellow and purple on a stem - however once the flower is extracted and steam distilled, the chemical reaction that occurs turns the extraction that bright blue colour.

No matter your skin type, or skin concern, Blue tansy can be incorporated into your routine in some way for its maximum anti-inflammatory benefits. If you live in a city particularly, the protection it can offer is unparalleled to alternative oils.

Image via  May Lindstrom

Image via May Lindstrom

It’s highly anti-inflammatory component is Azulene - this is what makes it blue and also what powerfully combats inflammation. It’s anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibiotic and antimicrobial. What else could you ask for in one ingredient?

Due to these properties, the ingredient works to release heat from the skin, calming redness and inflammation. It will relieve delicate or troubled skin, particularly in conjunction with a carrier oil or other botanical extracts.

Blue tansy is also beneficial in products like shampoo and conditioner to relieve itchy scalps, however be wary to check the formulation of the product first.

You will see this ingredient marketed for more sensitive skin types, as well as acne-prone and eczema, however it can be used for anyone. If not as a targeted treatment, but as a fantastic protective ingredient against external environment due to its antioxidant component. Whether it’s incorporated into your daily routine, or used once a week as a treatment, Blue Tansy hosts many benefits for your skin to feel radiant and complexion to look lifted.

Image via  May Lindstrom

Image via May Lindstrom

In its aromatherapeutic benefits, Blue tansy has emotional release properties similar to that of chamomile. It’s good for relaxation, hormonal regulation and calming anxiety, and often used to treat insomnia. If it’s stress release can be just from that of scent, imagine what it can do for your skin.

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