Brand Spotlight: Go-To Skincare


Brand Spotlight: Go-To Skincare.

— We explore new, cult-favourite brand Go-To’s approach to skincare.


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I don’t think a day has gone by that I haven’t heard something about Go-To skincare. Whether it be a friend telling me they’re trying a new product from “the new range by Zoë Foster Blake”, or Mecca splashing it via decal on every storefront window, I’m almost certain the brand is here to stay. Following the launch of Go-To skincare in 2014, Zoë’s success as a skincare entrepreneur has catapulted from a lounge room initiative to being stocked in over 400 stores across the US alone. All I can say is – brava.

I first saw Go-To feature on Instagram through friends I follow; the Transformazing serum-drenched sheet masks looking oh-so-Instagramable with their baby salmon colour and fun typography, I was totally captivated by the affirmations printed on the packets. I know that sounds like I have become victim to a good marketing campaign – but personally, I think intention behind using product is half the battle of managing problematic skin, so I was pretty damn impressed regardless.

The approach is – simply – no bullshit. A routine that is paired back, faux-science-free, no silly product claims, and leaves time for better things in life. By cutting out the 12-step routine, Zoë has curated a range of absolute essentials and key once-a-week treatments. Formulas have been developed to be non-irritating, simple, and with our Australian climate in mind.

Zoë Foster Blake, founder of Go-To Skincare.  Image via Go-To.

Zoë Foster Blake, founder of Go-To Skincare.

Image via Go-To.


Product Formulation

At Go-To’s core, the value is to make products that “don’t piss your skin off”. The brand has identified the chemical irritants they neglect from their formulas as: silicones, PEGs, mineral oils, petrolatum, chemical UV filters, parabens, GMOs, or synthetic colours. That’s a lot, right? 

When focusing on plant-based formulas, the skin is able to finally restore to its equilibrium, as it has the opportunity to self-heal. Plenty of studies have found that the ingredients above can cause more irritation, and longer-term damage. Even if you aren’t a sensitive skin type, these ingredients can in fact sensitise your skin.

The Brand You Fell In Love With

It’s no wonder the brand has landed in front of everyone’s faces (literally and metaphorically) – the brand is easy to connect with. Zoë has an incredibly long history in the industry, from beauty director at Cosmopolitan and Harper’s BAZAAR, author of eight books, and the creator of Break-Up Boss. Long story short: she’s well-informed about the gap in the beauty industry that a brand like Go-To can succeed. By not introducing anything ‘new’, Zoë has introduced something ‘better’.  

As well as the quippy language used in communicating to you, Zoë just gets us. She connects with the type of consumer she wants to purchase her product, and the approach is to do what feels right. In an interview with Forbes magazine, Zoë describes how optimism in her approach to her brand hopes is enough, because “if you’re always looking at what everyone else does, you will become paralysed with insecurity and competitiveness: the natural enemies of creativity and good work.” Wise words to live by, I think.

Optimism seems to be a core part of the brand message, highlighted in her blog Use Whatever Makes You Happy. For a consumer, it’s a really encouraging and uplifting way to connect to a brand. Personally, I can totally connect with the message here. There are so many factors contributing to the health of your skin, one primary one is stress. Find what’s important to you from your products and decide from there. No one gets you like you do.

Image via Go-To.

Image via Go-To.


Radical Transparency

The key missing ingredient in many brands. The reason for the social connectivity of Go-To is that it has successfully become a transparent, honest, no bullshit brand. The plentiful social platforms you can find Go-To on, and more personally, Zoë, open communication of what the people want. A few, very, important certifications and initiatives that Go-To is proud to support:

  • Charity. Go-To is partnered with One Girl as part of their social responsibility. This charity is focused on empowering girls through education. How to contribute? Simply add $1 to One Girl at checkout. Too easy.

  • A certified NoCO2 business. This means they have gone through an audit of all their systems by the Carbon Reduction Institute to ensure their practices are carbon neutral. This means, they care about climate change and are doing their bit for the earth.

  • Communicate about their relationship with palm oil. Many ingredients in skin care are unknowingly derived from palm oil and its derivatives, and as it states on Go-To’s website, it’s not easily identified. It’s really important that if a brand preaches transparency, they are checking through their supply chain to ensure their sources are aligned with their brand.

  • Go-To is cruelty-free and vegan friendly. Rest easy knowing that no products have been tested on animals and have been CCF accredited. It’s important if you are vegan to check the ingredient listings to ensure you’re buying a vegan friendly product.  

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