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How Vitamin C Can Naturally Combat Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation is a common skin concern that will affect most people at some point in their life regardless of age, skin type or colouration. Vitamin C is natural topical treatment that may help to interrupt the skin discolouration process by reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation.

Hyperpigmentation is a term often used to describe a harmless skin condition where patches of your skin appear darker than normal. This process is caused by hypermelanosis - an excess production of melanin, produced by melanocytes in the skin melanin is a naturally forming brown skin pigment that darkens our skin based on sun expose. In some cases, the normal melanin production is disrupted which can lead to excess deposits in certain areas leading to hyperpigmentation.  

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Anti-Ageing Products: When To Start Taking Care of Mature Skin

As we age and mature, so does our skin. But how do you know when to start using anti-ageing products? What changes should you look out for in your skin? And most importantly, the ‘age’-old question, when should you start using an eye cream?

It’s never too early to start looking after your skin, but anti-ageing products aren’t for everyone. It is important to understand what changes are occurring in the skin over time and what signs to look out for, so that you know when to start stepping your skincare regime up.

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Collagen: Boost Your Skin’s Resilience & Strengthen Hair

Collagen has become the next big thing is skincare and nutritional supplements. Everyone is producing products that contain collagen, but does it actually do anything? For some science — collagen is part of every cell in your body. With age, the amount of collagen your body produces tends to decrease. Given that collagen gives your skin elasticity and firmness, and strengthens your hair, it’s no wonder that people are trying to increase their collagen levels in order to combat the ageing process.

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6 Key Steps To Create a Conscious Skincare Routine

A sustainable, earth-friendly, and conscious skincare routine sounds undeniably alluring. However, the reality is that making a dramatic transition towards a conscious skincare routine can be frustrating, expensive, and a burden - especially if you don’t know where to start.

We get it. There is so much information (we proudly plead guilty), new companies, and marketing targeted towards this new wave of skincare. Out of left field, it seems like everyone is starting to sell products like bamboo toothbrushes, jade rollers, and products formulated with natural ingredients. Which is wonderful.

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5 Undeniable Skin Correcting Benefits of Turmeric

Turmeric is arguably the most powerful ingredient in treating topical and internal inflammation. Think of it as a multipurpose spice to store in your bathroom or kitchen cupboard (whatever is easier - just do it). From the inside out, turmeric is one of the most well-research ingredients. Perhaps due to its potent system support and for its role in Chinese and Ayurvedic medical history for over 4,000 years, treating everything from stomach ailments, helping to improve blood circulation, and heal skin wounds.

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3 Simple Ways You Can Restore Dry Skin Without Overcomplicating Your Routine.

No-one likes a flaky person, you don’t know where they stand on life’s big issues, like whether to moisturise or not... The answer is an astounding yes. With the environment we are exposed to, our skin needs all the assistance it can get,  otherwise, it is likely to end up dry and damaged from the elements. It’s that sandpapery feeling, that irritability. It's uncomfortable and it’s unnecessary. It causes our skin to age faster, be rougher, and leaves it wide open to more detrimental skin issues.

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Is your skin dry or dehydrated?

As we move in to the cooler months our skin tends to start feeling a little drier. The cool change causes our pores to tighten and our skin reduces the amount of oil it produces. Along with heating, wind and low humidity, our skin can be left feeling a little parched. But is our skin really dry? Well, probably not. The difference between dry and dehydrated skin is often misunderstood and leads us to use products that are too heavy for our skin, leaving us with breakouts and with our skin still feeling dry. So, for the benefit of our skin in battling the winter months, let me break it down…

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Brand Spotlight: Go-To Skincare

I don’t think a day has gone by that I haven’t heard something about Go-To skincare. Whether it be a friend telling me they’re trying a new product from “the new range by Zoë Foster Blake”, or Mecca splashing it via decal on every storefront window, I’m almost certain the brand is here to stay. Following the launch of Go-To skincare in 2014, Zoë’s success as a skincare entrepreneur has catapulted from a lounge room initiative to being stocked in over 400 stores across the US alone. All I can say is – brava.

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Interview with Natasha Mason of Nourish Melbourne

In celebration of Nourish Melbourne’s 5th birthday, we sat down with Natasha Mason, founder and director of Nourish Melbourne. Natasha shares with us the journey of Melbourne’s first and only health and wellness membership, making organic and natural alternatives accessible to many. With over 5 years documenting the best in health and wellness in Melbourne, Natasha shares with us her go-to spots for ultimate wellness in Melbourne, and upcoming events we can all get excited about.

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Noéma Autumn Guide - Nourishing your Inner City Skin.

Our essential guide on what to eat, lather on and do to save your skin from urban pollutants.

Breathe in. Breathe out.

The air you're breathing is composed of more than just oxygen. In that delicious and nourishing fresh breath of air you'll also find nitrogen, argon, carbon dioxide, and trace gases, lingering, manoeuvring and being absorbed by your respiratory system and skin.

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The Skin Saving Properties of Honey

When I lived in New Zealand, I called a little town with an abundance of fresh produce and backyard farms home. Every few weeks, my neighbour (a keen beekeeper) would come to my house and gift me a small jar of Manuka honey. In addition to her affable personality, her complexion was insane for someone that spent hours in the sun and sea over a lifetime. After a few of these neighbourly visits, I had to ask her the inevitable: her skincare secret.

The answer?

Honey. Lots of honey. On the skin, in her food, and in her life.

Call me convinced.

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Probiotics & Their Effect On The Skin

The human gut is home to bacteria that make up approximately 80% of our immune system. The bacteria is so expansive that we have 10x more of these microbes than our own human cells in our body. The gut and its overall health packs a punch when it comes to the appearance of our skin - supporting good gut health can help reduce the appearance of skin conditions such as Acne, Rosacea and Psoriasis as well improve the general skin appearance reducing redness and inflammation, dryness, wrinkles and elasticity.  

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More Than Just a Superfood - The Benefits of Chia Seed Oil for Skin

Did you know that chia, the absolute darling of the health world, is revered among skin aficionados for its naturally moisturising and healing properties?

The word ‘chia’ is derived from the Nahuatl language. Chia in Nahuatl means oil - a hint of the beneficial powers of chia seeds. The pressed oil from chia seeds is packed with omegas and antioxidants that shield the epidermis from external disruptions. The oil absorbs rapidly, boosts hydration, and protects the lipid layer of the skin. Long story short: you can have your chia pudding and eat it too.

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The Difference Between Allergies and Sensitivities

Often, we hear about different chemicals, preservatives and additives being terrible additions into our products, most of them classed as a dermal irritant or neurotoxin. To the naked eye, many of these types of reactions would look the same. You may experience inflammation, feel itchy, red, or swollen in a targeted area, or all over your body. It’s easy to confuse what is an irritation, to a sensitivity, to an allergy. It’s uncomfortable feeling in the unknown of it all – knowing when to continue with trial and error, or when to investigate further.

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Blue Tansy: The powerhouse anti-inflammatory ingredient

It’s no wonder Blue Tansy is a miracle ingredient for so many people. This little flower is native to Morocco, and commonly referred to as Moroccan chamomile, as it comes from this family of plants and also shares many of the properties. Its original flower state is bright yellow and purple on a stem - however once the flower is extracted and steam distilled, the chemical reaction that occurs turns the extraction that bright blue colour.

No matter your skin type, or skin concern, Blue Tansy can be incorporated into your routine in some way for its maximum anti-inflammatory benefits. If you live in a city particularly, the protection it can offer is unparalleled to alternative oils.

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5 Things to Look for When Choosing a Natural Skincare Line

Skin (ahem: the epidermis) is our largest organ. According to National Geographic, some adults carry up to 8 pounds and 2 square meters of flesh. Skin acts like a porous, waterproof shield that protects the body from external damage and prevents infection. It’s also full of sensitive nerves that influence the cranial connection with the outside world. The external influences applied to skin, whether that’s a moisturiser, an oil or a face mask, are eventually reflected on the inside.

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Night-time Routines for Clear Skin Tomorrow

When it comes to a night time skin care routine, it really is a case of less is more. Get the basics right removing all your make up, cleansing your skin and get yourself some beauty rest to help achieve that healthy radiant glow in the morning.

During the day our skin is exposed to a whole heap of environmental stressors including environmental pollution, sun damage and general dirt and grime. For this reason, we often need to use heavier products to protect our skin from damage during the day. In the evening our skin gets a chance to rest and heal, this is the time to make sure your skin can breathe, that it’s clean and you can combat some of the damage done by the effects of day-to-day life.  

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