January has been and gone. Did you nourish yourself?


January has been and gone. Did you nourish yourself?

— Kat guides us through reflection of the month just been.


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Kat Guerrero
Noéma contributor


With the mindset of setting intentions rather than resolutions, I created a mantra for my 2019. Intent on decreasing my screen time, spending more time outside, and slowing down my day, I aim to continue nourishing myself spiritually, physically and intellectually.

It’s a vague and convoluted intention – but that’s kind of the point. Creating goals for the new year is regarded as being unattainable, especially when people put intense pressure on completely changing their worldview.

Image via  @thenimbusco

Image via @thenimbusco


That’s not to say that setting resolutions, goals or intentions is a bad thing – far from it. From a physiological standpoint, the act of stating a goal out loud has tremendous power. Putting ideas on paper, in your mind or in a conversation transforms a thought into an actionable idea. 

With that in mind, I invite you to take a moment and reflect on the past month.

How has your new year began?

Are you happy where you are now?

Do you feel like you are continuing a path to becoming the best version of yourself?

Where do you want to be a year from now? 

Often, when we start the new year, we talk a big game. Whether it’s making a big career move, prioritising exercise or strengthening relationships, visualising goals is a first step to achieving them. Something, regardless of the caliber of your goals for 2019, that should stay consistent is how you treat your being. We’re talking about the aforementioned spiritual, physical and intellectual nourishment. 

This nourishment looks incredibly different to everyone, which is why it is such a unique and beautiful intention to set for yourself. Nourishment is defined as the sustenance our body absorbs through our senses. Different levels of nourishment have a direct effect on our physical and mental health. At its most simplistic, nourishment is the act of treating our bodies kindly.

Image via  @matthardy

Image via @matthardy


I believe that when there is a balance of spiritual, physical and intellectual fulfilment, that’s when people are their happiest, fulfilled and most productive. Revolving my days around nourishment keeps my feet on the ground and my mind open to possibilities, wild ideas and opportunities. 

In the spirit of evaluating how I set myself up for a productive and fulfilling life, I’ve outlined what these different means of nourishment can look like. These ideas are by no means perfect but a baseline to reflect on what nourishment in your life may look like.

We’d love to hear your ideas and thoughts on what fuels you. 


What brings your endless joy? What activities nourish your spirit and leave you floating through the rest of the day with a smile on your face?

Do more of those. Dedicate your life to carving time to spend doing what makes you the most happy.

I find spiritual nourishment in enjoying the sunrise, walking barefoot, gardening, eating fresh food, sunshine naps, alpine hikes, surfing, and having elaborate dinners with my friends.

Where do you find that nourishment? How can you incorporate more spiritual nourishment in your day-to-day?

Image via  @thebeautychef

Image via @thebeautychef



I see physical nourishment as a trinity of movement, self-care and nutrition.

Daily movement, whether that’s a short walk, a yoga practice or a dedicated workout, releases endorphins, encourages your body to function at its best and deepens sleep. Combining movement with nature is particularly powerful – the calming and grounding energy of nature paired with movement is one of the easiest ways to clear your mind and feel like you’ve done something positive with your day.

Self-care is the simple act of being selfish for your wellbeing. Be selfish. Self-care is a popular phrase that has begun to lose meaning because companies throw the term left and right to sell products. Take it back. The root of self-care can’t be found in a luxurious smoothie powder, adaptogenic skincare or a float tank. It can only be found when you take time aside to do what you love.

In my eyes, nutrition is the overarching (and literal) nourishment that powers all aspects of our being. Are you eating enough of what makes your body function at its best? Is your diet filled with high-fibre, high (healthy) fats and colourful produce? Are you sufficiently hydrated?

Good nutrition doesn’t mean following a strict diet. It means finding a balance of good, healthy foods that power you to achieve your goals and feel good.

After all, you are what you eat, right?


The vast amount of knowledge accessible to us is incredible. Intellectual nourishment is the simple act of keeping an open mind and curious worldview. Read more books, go to lecture, learn a new language, ask questions, learn a new skill and don’t be afraid to be clueless. Engage in deep, challenging conversations. Spend time just observing and listening.

Looking at the world with an insatiable curiosity makes every day an opportunity to learn about yourself and how the world functions.

In addition to literature, asking questions and workshops, there is a remarkable collection of resources on the internet. I’m particularly fond of massive online open courses (MOOC’s), which provide university level classes and lectures to anyone with a computer and open mind. Some of my go-to platforms include:

I’m currently taking a course titled ‘Strategy and Sustainability’ to learn more about the relationships between corporations and environmental activism. Fun Friday night anyone?



We’ve love to know - how do you define nourishment?

How do you nourish yourself?

Let us know via the comments below…

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