Magnesium Sulphate


Magnesium Sulphate
commonly known as Epsom Salts.

We explore how Epsom salts can provide topical benefits and restore hormonal balance.


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You probably haven’t heard of Magnesium Sulphate as a common ingredient found in your products. Perhaps Epsom salts rings more of a bell? The chemical name for Epsom Salts is Magnesium Sulphate - these are the mineral salt flakes that makes your muscles relax and free of any pain, what usually goes into luxury exfoliating products, and what you can buy in bulk at the health food store to have a maximum chill-out session in the bathtub.

The way Magnesium Sulphate works is usually through water, where it’s separated into magnesium and sulphate ions. Once the precious magnesium ions are in contact with your skin, the ions pass through the dermal layers directly entering your bloodstream. Because of this transdermal movement, and with no involvement of the Gastrointestinal (GI) tract, Epsom salt is a fast-track way to treat magnesium deficiencies. 

Image via  @thenimbusco

Image via @thenimbusco


A few benefits of this mineral:

Hormonal balances

As the skin readily absorbs magnesium, the electrolytic balance in cells is restored almost instantaneously. The change in balance has an effect on the brain and your muscles, in turn assisting the restoration of a hormonal imbalance. For example, magnesium’s impact on reducing over-reactivity in your Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Adrenal (HPA) axis makes way for less anxiety, as it reduces the production of stress hormones like adrenalin and cortisol. 


Fighting inflammation

Healthy magnesium level in the body can efficiently fight inflammation, as it’s a natural calcium channel blocker. Calcium in excess is one of the most pro-inflammatory substances in the body, so a ratio of 1:1 calcium and magnesium is advised to avoid magnesium deficiency. The response is to decrease the effects of inflammation as a result of injury, infection, stress, or allergies. 


Hair conditioner

If you struggle with frizzy hair or excess oil production in your roots, Epsom salt is an incredible addition into your hair products to add volume and fullness. It can add lustre to dry and damaged hair. If your hair is coloured, this may not be for you, as the Epsom salt could react to pigments in coloured locks.  


Skin exfoliant and repair

When magnesium is applied topically, the ions interact with water to hydrate the skin. The texture of Epsom salts can thoroughly exfoliate skin and rid the surface layer of any dead skin cells that may contribute to an inflammatory response. A study in 2005 showed that skin roughness and inflammation was significantly reduced when seawater rich in magnesium was bathed in – hello Dead Sea!


Muscle relaxant

Epsom salts are the very necessary additions to baths if you’re looking for muscle relaxant or relief of any aches and pains. The magnesium ions that break away in the water to penetrate the dermal layers of the skin and directly into the bloodstream. As mentioned above, the decrease in inflammation allows for relief of muscles and joints. 

Image via  @albayruela

Image via @albayruela


Not only is Magnesium a highly essential mineral for internal body works, Epsom salt hosts many benefits for the dermal layers too. Epsom salts can be found in exfoliating body scrubs, or in bulk at your local health food store if you want to add a cup into your bath. If you’re looking to buy in bulk, get onto Epsoak Everyday for just over an 8kg bag. It’s well worth it!

 There are also products such as Magnesium Oil that you can apply directly to your skin to make sure you get your daily hit of this precious mineral. One we can recommend is The Base Collective Magnesium Oil $21.


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