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Bentonite Clay

Regarded as the ‘healing clay,’ bentonite has been used internally and externally to cure ailments for centuries. Clay is general is known for its detoxifying, anti-inflammatory and nourishing properties because of its ability to pull metals and toxins from the skin. Found in many skin products, especially face masks, bentonite clay is a natural and effective ingredient for fresh, detoxified skin.

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DIY Bentonite Clay Face Mask

This seriously is the best face mask for clearing out clogged pores. It’s easy to prepare and cost effective to make. Not only does it pull out impurities deep within the skin, but also brightens, refreshes and heals.

In natural medicine we use certain clays and charcoals internally and externally for detoxification. This is due to their excellent ability to draw out toxins – from the gut, mouth and skin. 

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