The Powerful Benefits of Exfoliating With Coffee


The Powerful Benefits of Exfoliating with Coffee.

— Celebrated as a mechanical exfoliator, one of coffee’s antioxidant benefits is to stimulate blood flow and encourage wound healing.


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Lucky you...looks like you have a new reason to justify that crippling coffee addiction.

Here’s why: coffee, that caffeinated wonder drink that keeps us going, may just be the skin saviour you didn’t know you needed. Coffee, a bean full of antioxidants, provides a refreshing blend of stimulation and exfoliation when applied topically.

Derived from a bean believed to have been found in the highlands of Ethiopia, coffee spread throughout the east and became rooted as an internationally shared drink. As people began to know and love the energising qualities of the beverage, a tradition of sharing and drinking a cup evolved to an art form. Over the past decade, coffee has found its way into the skincare industry manifesting in facial scrubs, moisturisers, and lotions.


You probably recognise companies like Frank Body Care, who deem themselves as ‘the original body scrub.’ While small companies like Frank started the movement of incorporating coffee into skincare products, more and more brands are seeing the impact of the energising bean for the skin.  

When applied topically, caffeine has the same energising benefits as drinkable coffee.

Caffeine stimulates a blood flow in the skin, which reduces visible cellulite stretch marks and acne. That stimulated blood flow encourages tissue repair, regulates skin regrowth, encourages hydration, and sustains skin elasticity. Coffee is also an antioxidant, which decreases the effect of free-radicals and protects the skin from UV damage.

The rough texture of coffee makes for a perfect natural exfoliant. Rather than using traditional exfoliants, the grainy composition of coffee works to cleanse the skin thoroughly. Using a natural exfoliant like coffee not only maintains the integrity of the skin but reduces waste.

Coffee’s benefits for the skin are short and sweet - much like our favourite espresso at Acoffee, Collingwood.

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