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Nuori’s Vital Foaming Cleanser uses a creamy foam to deliver the power of fruit enzymes and radish root to gently exfoliate the skin, removing impurities and make up. Whilst the naturally-derived betaine, oat kernel extract and plant based glycerin provide the skin with antioxidant protection and hydration.

This cleanser is perfect for those with combination or oily skin types out there, especially during change of season when our skin tends to need a little extra loving.


Who are Nuori?

Nuori’s underpinning brand ethos focuses on freshness. Whilst Nuori’s products are also free from parabens, synthetic fragrances and colours, mineral oils, PEGs, sulphates, petroleum based ingredients, MEA, DEA, TEA, polypropylene glycol, phthalates and silicones, freshness is at the heart of their formulations.

With the help of scientists, product engineers and chemical engineers Nuori has created formulations that are highly effective and that don’t break down and lose their potency over time, all without the use of stabilisers or preservatives. All their products come with a use by date and are vacuum sealed inside so that your product stays fresh and you get every last drop.


First impressions

The Vital Foaming Cleanser has a light citrus scent with a warmer base note.

The cleanser pumps out into a light silky foam, the plant-based glycerin gives the foam a smooth creamy texture that delivers the exfoliating fruit enzyme and antioxidant filled formulation.  

Removes make up and impurities from the skin and provides a light level of exfoliation, without irritation or redness. Combination or oily skin types would benefit from the deep cleansing ability of this cleanser.


Ingredient watch

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The Good

Lactobacillus/Pomegranate/Punica Granatum Fruit Ferment Extract – Natural antioxidant concentrated by fermentation that helps to exfoliate and condition the skin.

Oat/Avena Sativa Kernel Extract – Rich in essential fatty acids helping to provide the skin with moisture and reducing sensitivity

Betaine (plant origin) – Helps to maintain and strengthen the skin’s natural barrier to improve hydration and the skin’s resilience.

The Questionable

Fragrance/Parfum – despite being naturally derived, we’d prefer to know what is included in this listing as fragrance can be an ambiguous ingredient in many formulations.


Packaging review

This product uses 1 type of plastic in its packaging and a plastic label.

Bottle: PET- See more about PET and its impact
Label: Screen Printed

Yes, PET packaging can be recycled and the plastic can be remoulded to create new recycled plastic packaging. When PET is recycled, the plastic is shredded and reprocessed to create new packaging or goods from the fibre. The current recycling rate is around 20%.

Unfortunately though, PET takes time to decompose. Approximately 500 years. And when it does, it breaks down into micro plastics. Yeah those nasty things that cause disease in us and our wildlife.


Formulation full analysis

The Good

Lactobacillus/Pomegranate/Punica Granatum Fruit Ferment Extract is formulated by fermentation using Lactobaccilius. This breaks down the fruit concentrating the antioxidant power and allowing the extract to be able to dissolve dead skin, make up and impurities from the surface of the skin. The antioxidant power reduces free radical damage and helps to make the skin look refreshed and glowing.

Betaine (plant derived) is derived from sugar beets. This little ingredient acts as a humectant - restoring water to the skin helping to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. This helps to prevent pollutants and allergens from entering through the skin and keeps from water from being lost from the skin.

Oat/Avena Sativa Kernel Extract is rich in essential fatty acids which helps the skin to maintain moisture and strengthen cell membrane within the epidermis. Oat kernel extract can also help to reduce inflammation in the skin, helping to alleviate redness and irritation.

Glycerin – Helps to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier whilst maintaining the skin’s moisture levels.

The Questionable

Parfum/Fragrance (essential oil derived) is a questionable ingredient as this title can encompass many different ingredients. According to the EWG, the average fragrance or parfum can contain any of 3,163 chemicals that aren’t usually listed on ingredient listings. Many of these ingredients have been linked to hormone disruption and allergies as they fall under the classes of chemical compounds such as phthalates, oxtoxynols and nonoxynols. 

It is common for brands to not list the ingredients used in the formulating of fragrance as parfum/fragrance as brands are not required to disclose this information in order to meet regulations. While Nuori promotes the exclusion of any synthetic ingredients in their formulations we wonder if the inclusion of the ingredients used to formulate the parfum would be more be more in line with the brand’s stance on transparency.



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