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The Rosalina face cleanser is a gentle, slightly astringent face cleanser aiming to deeply cleanse, made possible by the product’s hero ingredient – Rosalina. A pea sized amount is needed to create a gentle lather from the gel-like consistency and to be used on the whole face. The formulation is Aloe Vera and Water based, delivering the active ingredients deeper into the skin for vital hydration.

Using Australian-native bush extracts to formulate their ingredients, Rohr Remedy Rosalina face cleanser has a faint, yet real fragrance – a subtle natural floral scent, rather – making it an easy every-day cleanser. It’s an easy rinse-off product that can be used at the basin or shower to remove makeup and thoroughly cleanse. The product is in a black squeeze tube with a cap, perfect for travelling and living in a toiletry case if you’re constantly on the go. There is something to be said of using entirely locally grown wild-harvested ingredients in products, and consumers for using products that are closer to their source.


Who are Rohr Remedy?

Rohr Remedy is founded by Sydney-born Emily Rohr, then turned gallery-owner in Broome, working closely with the last people to come out of the desert in the Kimberlely. Emily’s connection with the Indigenous artists saw her to understand their concern for the loss of the traditions using bush medicine as effective treatments. Having a strong family background in dermatology and pharmacy, Emily sought to marry the two to enable the long tradition of bush medicine to live on.

Using traditional Indigenous farming techniques in understanding the eco-system and working with the natural environment has formed the basis of how each plant is wild harvested. The extracts are achieved by using a patented technique that keeps the integrity of the whole of the nutrients of the plant material. They’re also highly active due to wild harvesting the plants over the use of plantation-grown plants. Because of this, the products within the range are interchangeable depending on the skin’s needs and can be versatile depending on what your area of concern is.

The brand is against animal testing and is on its way to becoming even more environmentally-friendly, by introducing refillable products in their upcoming range.


First impressions

The Rosalina face cleanser has a light, floral scent to its formulation. Its wild-harvested Rosalina has been likened to ‘lavender tea tree’ due to its astringent properties, responsible for the cleanser’s more refreshing scent. There are hints of Jasmine in the formulation too, hinting it a fresh white-flower.

The texture starts as a pearly-white gel, and quickly forms into a milk-like lather when in contact with water.  

This product is recommended for all skin-types due to the formulation, however due to the texture, we would recommend it more-so for combination/oily skin. Rosalina is a natural astringent and may be too stripping for dryer skin types, however we’d recommend to patch test on the skin first. For the combination/oily skin types, this product will deeply cleanse pores and remove any excess oil build up on the skin efficiently.  


Ingredient watch

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The Good

Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera) Leaf Juice is a soothing anti-inflammatory ingredient.
Salix Alba bark (Willow bark) Extract is a natural BHA and targeted acne-treatment.
Melaleuca Ericifolia Leaf Oil (Rosalina) is an Australian bush medicine traditionally used for its antiseptic and antibacterial action.

The Questionable

Cocamidopropyl Betaine is a surfactant used in many natural products however is believed to be a skin and eye irritant.


Packaging review

This product uses one type of plastic in its packaging and a plastic label.

Bottle: PVC - See more about PVC and its impact
Lid: PVC - See more about PVC and its impact
Box: Recyclable Cardboard

Rohr Remedy use PVC plastic, however does not contain BPA. It’s a durable plastic made from a combination of raw petroleum, ethylene and chloride. There aren’t many recycled PVC materials in the world as to make this type of plastic, it requires virgin material.

Rohr Remedy use recyclable cardboard to enclose their products, each colour contributing to their strong brand identity. An honourable mention is the labelling on the plastic is screen-printed, meaning no other material has been used to add the branding onto the bottle. 

Future product ranges of Rohr Remedy have refillable products in the works to minimise their packaging and promote product stewardship.


Formulation full analysis

The Good

Aloe Vera is incredibly soothing for many skin types and serves as an anti-inflammatory. It’s incredibly hydrating due its high-water content and includes many rich antioxidants such as Vitamin A, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C, as well as active enzymes that nourish the skin surface. Many manufacturers find this ingredient particularly useful in large quantities due to its effectiveness as a skin moisturizer, as well as its ability to cool the skin. Not only is this music to a beach-goer’s ears, but those who naturally hold more heat in their skin will benefit from buying skincare products that use Aloe Vera as a core component.

Salix Alba bark extract (Willow bark) is also commonly known as ‘nature’s aspirin’ as it contains salicin, which has a similar chemical profile to acetylsalicylic acid in aspirin. It’s use in skin health is that it contains salicylic acid, a BHA that is a natural exfoliant used in acne treatments due to its ability to shed dead skin cells while clearing pores. A study found mild or moderate acne can be treated with salicylic acid by reducing the severity, more so than benzoyl peroxide. The sal­icin in Willow bark is believed to convert into salicylic acid in the skin.  

Melaleuca Ericifolia Leaf Oil (Rosalina) is an Australian bush medicine used traditionally for its antiseptic and antibacterial action. It’s similar chemical composition to tea tree oil means that its main component in linalool – what is responsible for antiseptic and antibacterial action on the skin. This component also aids in reducing congestion and soothe inflammation. Rosalina also contains methyl hydroxyproline, helping the skin retain moisture to prevent dehydration & guard against UV stress.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E) is a powerful antioxidant in skincare, repairing skin and working to restore skin on a cellular level from sun damage or repair scarring.  

The Questionable

Cocamidopropyl Betaine is the next ingredient found in this product. This ingredient is used as a surfactant in cosmetic and personal care products, which means it helps clean skin by helping the water to mix with the oil and dirt to be rinsed away. It’s often marked as “natural” as it originally comes from plant oils, however it is believed to be a harsh skin and eye irritant, has an overall health concern hazard of “moderate” on EWG, and was voted allergen of the year in 2004 by the American Contact Dermatitis Society.



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