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Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Serum Product Review

Shaving gels, creams and serums have recently saturated the market as competition against the infamous bottled shaving foams, and rightly so. They have less irritative qualities, as the gel or cream-like consistency doesn’t dispense with air-pockets like a shaving foam does, allowing the hairs to actually stand up in preparation for the razor. Serums on the other hand generally leave out occlusive ingredients like petrolatum or mineral oils that keep water from evaporating, and are generally water-based. They will lather the least, however aim to create maximum slip for a closer shave.

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Aesop Rind Concentrate Body Balm

Body balms are immensely, and almost immediately nourishing to the skin surface. In relation to moisturisers, they have a higher oil content and free from water - this changes consistency and also the delivery of moisture through the skin. The Aesop Rind Concentrate Body Balm is for intense hydration of the body, using ingredients that are rich in fatty acids and protective by nature. This product is suitable for normal to dryer skin due to its nourishing and protective properties. Due to its high level of active ingredients, those who suffer from sensitivities need to patch test prior to use.

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Aesop Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash

Hand wash is a common household product found in any Australian home. Even if you’re not one to buy “cosmetics”, you’re more than likely buying hand wash for the house. The Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash has been marketed for “hard-wearing hands” and includes many antiseptic qualities derived from Mandarin and Orange oils used to combat this condition. These oils are astringent in nature, however fantastic for their vitamin C profile.

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