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May Lindstrom The Blue Cocoon

A pea-sized amount of The Blue Cocoon is an adaptable beauty balm that provides calming relief for irritated or inflamed skin and eases feelings of emotional anxiety due to the aroma of blue tansy. This product releases heat from the skin, leaving it even-toned, nourished, and relieved.

The balm is an oil-based concentrate that melts into the skin in fluid form, effective as a moisturiser or targeted skin treatment. For the most problematic skin-types, this formulation will help in alleviating any inflammation, resulting in a complexion that is calm. This can be focused on areas of sensitivity, as well as an effective eye contour. The investment into this product is well worth the price-tag.

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The Jojoba Company 100% Pure Australian Jojoba Oil

This Australian made and owned brand, The Jojoba Company, has developed a range based on Australian made Jojoba. The golden liquid wax produced from the jojoba bean is native to Southwestern North America, and is praised by Native Americans for its skin restoration properties. The molecular structure of Jojoba wax esters to human sebum gives this oil the ability to penetrate deep into the skin for ultimate moisturisation and to add protection to our external environment.

Suitable for any skin type, this product is cold-pressed and filtered fourteen times to ensure purity while retaining the vitamins from the original beans. This product is not heat-filtered or refined.

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Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Night Oil

Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil is a restorative treatment for correcting lines and wrinkles, as well as sun and pollution damage to skin. The formulation is a retinol based, with cold-pressed avocado, chia and grape seed oils to leave a glowing complexion to the skin. With the rich blend of high-fat oils, this repair treatment aims to combat dryness and rough textures, as well as minimising pores. The potent synergy between natural botanicals and a powerful retinol application works so harmoniously due to the inclusion of a new retinol formulation known as Hydroxypinacolone Retinoate.

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sans [ceuticals] Activator 7 Body + Hair + Face Oil

A cult favourite – the Activator 7 Oil from Sans [ceuticals] is a multifunctional reparative, potent vitamin oil that boosts the skin’s hydration levels, stimulates cell repair, increases collagen production and improves skin tone. Recommended to treat scars, stretch marks, dry skin, sun damaged and acne-prone skin, this bathroom staple is a necessary staple product in the bathroom for daily use.

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SKIN by ecostore Multi-Nutrient Facial Oil

The Multi-Nutrient Facial Oil from SKIN by ecostore delivers an antioxidant-packed, replenishing face oil to help stimulate collagen production for glowing, healthy-looking complexions. The formulation of ingredients provides a nourishing barrier to the environmental pollutants of the world, as well as deeply hydrating the skin on a cellular level.

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LifeBasics CoQ10 Daily Facial Oil

Recently, there’s been an influx of amazing all-in-one facial oils flood the market, as people revert back to simpler skin routines, particularly in the summer months. It’s also not to go unnoticed that a lot more consumers are learning about the benefits of combating oil with oil – that’s right – if you’re an oily skin type, this may be your lifesaver in balancing that oil production. We explore Life Basics’ CoQ10 Facial Oil, a serum featuring hero ingredient Coenzyme Q10.

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