How Do We Establish Good Product Formulation?



How Do We Establish Good Product Formulation?


Do you concern yourself with the source of each ingredient?

For those who are confused about the wild world of skincare, we hear you. 

So are we.

Which is why we are doing a deep dive into the misleading world of skincare, so that we can find a better way. Ironing out this confusion is our exact intention, so join us as we dig deep into the skincare industry. Our aim is to recognise areas of good (and bad) business practice so that we can be sure to include the findings into Noéma’s Made with You range, paving the way to better and more transparent skincare.

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Skincare is as much a creative exploration as it is a field backed by science. Endless formulas boasting the benefits of obscure tropical fruits, lab-developed chemicals, and strategic advertising make finding products that actually work a challenge. And studies agree - 87% of women are reportedly perplexed by skincare products. 

Buying skincare is an investment, and often a gamble. Unless you’re tuned into your exact skin type, the ingredients that work best for you, and the products that elevate instead of change your epidermis, you’re probably floundering. While a visit to your local dermatologist to figure out what your skin actually needs is ideal, it may not be viable. 

Tinkering and perfecting formulas is the backbone of the skincare industry. Behind every sleek packaging, is endless time dedicated to testing formulas to figure out what works best for an ideal consumer. Sourcing ingredients, creating a product development process, balancing ingredient percentages, and maintaining proper pH levels is only a peek into the process. Formulations require extensive ingredient testing, research, and learning new production processes - so, when we invest in a skincare product, we expect it to work. And while we understand the lengthy underlying process that’s involved, we know compromises are made along the way.


With all that going on behind the scenes, you’d expect that the transition from the lab to the market would result in products that communicate their benefits (honestly), are reliable, and actually have an effect. 

Sometimes, we need someone to hold our hand. 

Enter: active skincare. Products that are simple, reliable, and have an effect. Quality formulations full of active ingredients tailored and paired strategically to deliver impactful results.

Companies like Go-To, one of Australia’s cult beauty brands, caught our eye recently. With their clever branding, cutesy advertising, and accessible pricing aside, what really intrigued us was their simple and good formulations. They claim to provide ‘uncomplicated, effective, cruelty-free, plant-derived skin care.’ With products that flaunt all their ingredients and a thorough description of the benefits of each ingredient listed for a buyer to review, we love how they make understanding what the hell you’re putting on your skin accessible and entertaining (someone give that copywriter a raise!). 

Followers of the Church of Go-To swear by the brands products because they are so simple. The vast amount of knowledge about the skincare industry and their formulations doesn’t hurt either.

On the other side of the world, our eyes are on companies like OSEA, a Los Angeles darling that’s incorporating kelp into their skincare. In addition to being an innovative approach to formulations, OSEA lays it all out their: their sourcing, their distaste for inferior ingredients and, what they avoid.


Go-To and OSEA are just a few of the dozens of companies that understand a new wave of consumers. Transparency, quality ingredients, and good formulations are key to retaining customer loyalty, and more importantly, actually having an effect. We’re looking forward to learning about more companies and growing our list of good formulations in 2019. 

Key Takeaway

So what can we takeaway? Formulations are the crux of a product. Simple. And activated ingredients should become the new standard. Individual ingredients have the ability to be brought to life by activating their unique powers, and by ensuring the correct ratios are used we can balance the pH of the skin which protects, rather than harm it. It’s definitely something  we want to explore when creating our Activated Essentials range - so it stays as just that: activated and essential. 

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