Introducing: Made With You II



Introducing: Made With You
Part II




We recently published an introduction into our concept Made With You, and wanted to explore with you how to bring this idea into reality.

To start our process, we're seeking Noéma Co-Designers. People exactly like you. Consumers that want to be involved with every step of the development of their skin care - passionate thought–leaders in the world of self–care, if you will.

Though the journey has just started, there are three things that really tick our skincare boxes.

We're calling on you to apply if you really feel these pillars align within you:

Better Ingredients

The core of how any product is formulated starts with it’s ingredients. This pillar ensures that the structure of the product is well considered, essential, and active.

Our objective will be to research and discover the most active ingredients used in skincare, and why. We will ascertain exactly how to extract their purity and potency in the most sustainable and environmentally-friendly way. We will find out what is literally the best so that we can include them in our Made With You essentials range.

Better Formulations

In symphony with the best ingredients, our formulas needs to provide a way for the product to be effective and safe to use, while guaranteeing that the ingredients shine, remain active and be beneficial for our skin. 

Working alongside experts such as biochemists, product specialists and dermatologists, we will investigate existing products and their interactions on the skin. Our goal here is to understand what products out there are 

Valuing our ingredients is then ensuring they are utilised to their full potential. 

Better Packaging

This pillar is one we know many brands strive to make waves in, but perhaps don’t do so well. It’s not the skincare industry exclusively that creates wasteful products, pushes consumerism and damages our environment. However, we feel we could do a lot better. 

Through inventive design, we can discover ways for your Activated Essential skincare to be packaged with the environment in mind – essentially lightening your footprint without you doing all the work. 


What’s our mission with Made with You?

Our purpose in crafting our Activated Essentials came from conversations among our friends, our team and our aligned experts. The gap we found is that along with buying a full range of products, as consumers, we are having to replace these products over and over. Not only are we over-consuming, we’re throwing out a whole lot more. 

Imagine a body oil so active and so nutrient-rich, it becomes one you can’t live without. And, no plastic. Good for you and for the environment? Yep, and the possibilities are endless.

Stay tuned on our Journal – a direct channel of progress and findings of our process in formulated our range of Activated Essentials. 


Co-Design Your Activated Essentials —

Here at Noéma, we’re busy researching the best ingredients - so that we can make the best activated essentials for you, with you. We’re taking a radically new direction in skincare; we use you as the key ingredient.

By collaborating with industry experts such as naturopaths, biochemists, product specialists and formulators, our aim is to create an Activated Essentials product range with the best ingredients, formula and design.

We’re taking applications from our diverse community to contribute to co-designing an essential micro-range of products right for them. Get involved in upcoming events and workshops covering wellness, self-care and design.


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