The Rise of Multi-Use Skincare Products: An Exploration into Minimising Your Skincare Routine



The Rise of Multi-Use Skincare Products: An Exploration into Minimising Your Skincare Routine


Do you use the same product for different areas of your body?

How can we develop a minimalist range that promotes time efficiency, reliability, results-driven and product-complimentary? We aim to explore versatility in our product, adhering to a minimalist’s way of living while supporting a lighter footprint on our planet. Is this achievable for Noéma’s Activated Essentials range?

We’re creating an unparalleled micro-range of activated essentials. Find out how you can co-design your own natural skincare range with leading experts – and get it free for an entire year.

Here’s the deal: we’re looking into creating a versatile essentials range. A set of products that minimise your bathroom clutter but maximise the effect of active ingredients. A range that can live in your bag as naturally as it lives on the shelf. Our ideal products would be tailored toward individuals who are dedicated to projects and passions - to those that would like a simplified skincare routine that doesn’t take too much time, but still packs a punch.

As critical observers of the skincare industry, we’ve noticed a shift in the natural skincare industry, where the rise of multi-use products (cue: Sans Ceuticals Activator 7 Oil), has been favoured over a lengthy step-by-step routine. Rather than collecting a large haul of targeted products, which quickly becomes expensive and unnecessary, we’re very much in favour of products strategically formulated to holistically target skin issues. 

Often, individuals over invest in skincare and use too many products, which counteract each other and irritate the skin. The myth of a lengthy routine is perpetuated by strategic advertising, enviable 10-step Korean beauty trends, and social constructs. Layering products on products with different active ingredients can result in improper absorption, clogged pores, and breakouts. Rather than hoarding a dozen of products that target just one thing, it’s logical to create a collection of products that are efficient, produce results, and work to enhance the skin as is, rather than change it completely.

Image via Sans Ceuticals

Image via Sans Ceuticals

So, in the spirit of simplifying skincare, we’re delving deep into what it means to create a minimal range that promotes time efficiency and reliability.  We’re asking critical questions: is it possible to condense a traditionally diverse skincare routine? Can we target multiple skin types? Are there other brands attempting to simplify? What are the pro’s and con’s of a concise product line?

First things first - defining what a traditional skincare routine looks like. In the West, all signs point to the tried and true ritual of: cleansing, toning, and moisturising...give or take a few additional steps. As the New York Times succinctly states, “The goal of any skin-care routine is to tune up your complexion so it’s functioning at its best, and also troubleshoot or target any areas you want to work on.”

Great, love that, good job New York Times. In practice, this definition grants freedom to use as few or as many products as one likes - assuming it allows the skin to function its best. Ideally, this tuning up is accomplished through dermatologist recommended or well-formulated products. 

So - what does these philosophies look like in practice?

Integrated and strategically formulated mixtures that are versatile and pair well in a simplified routine designed to complement other products in the range. 

For example, through our research and conversation with co-developers, a common issue is achieving sustained moisture.  Potential combinations to address this may include a water-based moisturiser paired with an oil that is just as effective on the face as it is on the body.

Noema will only create formulations where ingredients are compatible with each other and the skin, while serving a true purpose. 

As companies start understanding that their customers typically have no idea what or why they put products on their skin, we’re starting to see a shift in how products are formulated - namely, the integration of multiple processes in single products. 

Image via Sans Ceuticals

Image via Sans Ceuticals

Our current fascination is with [sans] ceuticals, a New Zealand-based line that uses only natural ingredients and minimises the skincare routine. 

A standard routine encompasses a handful of products ranging from exfoliators, toners, cleansers, mists, and oils. Ideally, one would apply each product based on its thickness to allow the skin to soak in active ingredients. 

Key Takeaway

We’re taking this step of our product development as core in producing our Activated Essentials range. After all, essentials mean just that–absolute necessities. By creating products that are deconstructed yet purposeful, we can cater to a range of people with different skin conditions. We use less in our supply chain and leave a lighter footprint on the planet–as you will too.

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Co-Design Your Activated Essentials —

Here at Noéma, we’re busy researching the best ingredients - so that we can make the best activated essentials for you, with you. We’re taking a radically new direction in skincare; we use you as the key ingredient.

By collaborating with industry experts such as naturopaths, biochemists, product specialists and formulators, our aim is to create an Activated Essentials product range with the best ingredients, formula and design.

We’re taking applications from our diverse community to contribute to co-designing an essential micro-range of products right for them. Get involved in upcoming events and workshops covering wellness, self-care and design.


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