We investigate 'natural' products and their packaging.

Natural Skin & Body care reviews

Exposed to thousands of marketing messages a day, it’s no wonder we as consumers are left wide eyed and weary when selecting the products we apply, eat and use. Peptides, sciadonic acid, retinol anyone?

Stemming from this systematic confusion, we sought clarity.

So began our journey into body care products, and the compulsive examination of their ingredients, effectiveness and packaging – so that we, as a community, could finally make informed decisions for the health of our bodies, families, and the environment around us.

Our team of naturopaths, thought leaders and academics distil a wealth of research into honest, objective and easy to understand content for the likes of you and me. Their words cut through the noise of marketing misconceptions, green-washing and holy grail ingredient claims.

Finally, we see the light!

(And no, it’s not because we tried the latest Luminous Brightening Age-Defying Cream Cleanser).



We’re talking to the innovative & socially conscious — because we love what they do.


Noema is a community of people who believe in good.

Surrounding ourselves with good people doing good things in business and personal contexts, we’re consoled by the knowledge that amidst the current state of society, there are renegades who seek to defy the status quo and do good for humankind.

We’re constantly in awe of those who, despite adversities, are hell bent on creating products and businesses that don’t pollute our bodies, our societies – or the earth. And we’re just as inspired when the average person, like you or I, takes ownership of the environmental and social impact of their consumption choices in daily life.


Noema is a community of people who believe in good skin care products

We’re here to share
but we’re great listeners too.

Noema investigates and informs people about skin care products

We’re not satisfied with the current state of affairs and we won’t be quiet about it.

Tapping into a network of thought leaders in the holistic health, sustainability, social, and design sectors we feel obligated to share our findings with the world. We strongly believe that we’re all entitled to reliable information to inform our purchasing choices, especially when it comes to the products we consume every day.

After all, we end up absorbing them through our skin — approximately 2.3kg per year on average — and the disused packaging is regrettably making its way to our beautiful oceans and natural reserves. Choosing your next bar of soap is no light decision.

Our mission is to investigate and inform, as we collectively work towards a better answer.

But really, the most important cog in the wheel is you.

We want to shed light on the things that matter most to you in order to cultivate a more sustainable world and healthier existence for us all. Take a moment to let us know the products, businesses, people, or topics you’d like us to delve into — we’re listening.


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