We’re creating an unparalleled micro-range* of activated essentials. 

*(A.K.A a small collection of damn good products).

And we’re going to make it with you.

Natural Skin & Body care reviews

Yes, you heard correctly.

But first a little background —

Our motivation to launch Noéma has always come from a place of authenticity, respect for the beautiful bodies that carry us, reverence for the incredible planet that cradles us, and an unwavering belief in the transparency of information – something we believe is severely lacking in this industry.  

From a personal perspective, every member of our team has battled their own skincare concerns. Between us, we’ve tried nearly everything and researched everything we could. But with all that effort, we still couldn’t find the information that we were after. We were all simply confused about the reality of what we put on our skin, what these ingredients actually are, and how they affect our bodies. We knew what we wanted, but we just couldn’t find it anywhere.

As a conscious consumer, the year of 2019 is one tough place to be. While we are finally coming to terms with the fact that Natural products are the only thing we should be putting on our skin, we’re witnessing unprecedented levels of global destruction, depletion of our natural resources, and continuous pollution of our fragile world.  So here at Noéma we’ve decided to do something better. We’re going to leave this planet in a better place than we found it. We’re going to consume less, because we’re only going to use the best

And so Noéma was born – a resource to share our journey, our findings, the topics we found captivating, and myths that needed debunking. We wanted a platform that provided well-researched content with the utmost integrity, and a resource that provided transparent and available information to those who were meandering through their own personal journey. Calling on our most influential inner circle, we connected with naturopaths, biochemists, product specialists, researchers and the like to share their knowledge on the world that is skincare.


But now, we’re launching our next exciting phase: Made With You.

An Activated Essentials range that we are developing with our community, with you.


The reality is, we’re dreaming of products that don’t yet exist. After all our research, product testing and exploration, we just couldn’t find our dream products. We’re exhausted by misleading skincare, namely brands greenwashing consumers to believe their products are natural – or worse – advertising solutions to their pain points, creating a whole world of scepticism. And for every praiseworthy product we reviewed, we found ten more with false claims of organic origins concealing questionable ingredient lists. 

So we’ve decided to make our own essentials range called Made With You. To do this, we’re going on a journey of product development - publishing all of our research and findings along the way. Yes, we’re going to take you right through the development of our products, so that you know exactly what is in them and how they are beneficial for you and your skin. Transparency, right!?

We believe that to make the best skincare range the world has ever seen, we need to formulate it directly with the people it’s intended for - in other words, you. It's a brand new collaborative approach to skincare. So as the name suggests, we’re going to Make them With You, because we want to make sure that our products truly do work - for you. (why hasn’t someone done this before, right?!)

So come on board as a Co-Designer, where we will work directly with you to create the dreamiest skincare you could imagine, because it will literally be made for you!


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