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A'kin by Alchemy Nourishing Cream Cleanser & Toner Product Review

For dry, sensitive skin types, cream cleansers seem to be the only gentle option available to feel cleansed yet still moisturised. Cream cleansers have the ability to nourish the skin while providing a deep cleanse, without stripping the acid mantle of its natural oils. A’kin by Alchemy have developed a rich cream cleanser infused with Rose, Geranium, Shea Butter and Sesame Oil to gently lift away make-up and impurities, while hydrating and nourishing the skin surface.


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A'Kin Colour Protection Ylang Ylang & Quinoa Shampoo

A’kin by Alchemy’s best-selling shampoo is their colour protection formulation of Ylang Ylang and Quinoa. We’d imagine the busy 9-5 consumer dropping into the supermarket on their way home from work, and feeling good about their choice of going ‘natural’. This shampoo nonetheless promises to protect and enhance colour treated hair, with its gentle ingredients and enriching Quinoa additive to reduce colour fade.


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